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Shown at New Zealand Fashion Week 2017


The original inspiration for this collection was based on the homeless community in New Zealand. Jerome Taylor’s views were among many as he walked past them on the street. “Why are they not working?”, “are they not able to get financial assistance?”, “are they truly homeless?”.

The naivety was soon diminished with Jerome’s research for the collection. The homeless statistics are hard to swallow, “1 in 100”. But the reasoning behind these stats is what really stuck. This isn’t a choice. This isn’t simple. The complexity behind this number “1 in 100” is astounding. In the words of Jerome Taylor: 


“We don’t need coins, we need change”.


As our population grows so does the number of homeless. So many kiwi families are living from paycheck to paycheck on minimum wage incomes. Some families are even working 2 jobs just to keep the lights on and food in the fridge. It can be as easy as catching the flu and not being able to work for a few days just to get behind in bills which can then lead to families moving into garages or cars for weeks, months or even longer. Lastly, if they can’t get back on their feet it can lead to them sleeping rough on the streets or in night shelters.

Jerome hopes by bringing people’s attention to these statistics, our community can work on solving this and the more knowledge we have, the more power we have to change these situations.

He shares with us: “My collection will showcase the 3 categories in the form of layering, and screen printing information images in a creative way that tell a story. I chose to do my collection on this as I wanted to learn more and share the knowledge with others through this platform I have been given, fashion. I look forward to sharing my collection with you and together I know we can make a change”.

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