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Shown at New Zealand Fashion Week 2016

Jerome Taylor shares the inspiration behind his NZFW16 collection, "My Sentence". 


Four years ago I received the best news a man can get, I found out I was going to be a father. Unfortunately as the relationship had already ended with my daughters mother before my daughter was born, my ex moved five hours away. Not long after the move I received a letter from her lawyer wanting me to hand over my rights as a father.

For the past three years I have been fighting to be a major part of my daughters life. Everything about MY SENTENCE from it’s name right down to each individual garment is based off or has come from my experiences, thoughts and feelings of being a loving father, going through the New Zealand Justice system. I felt like I was on trial for being my daughters father. I looked at traditional garments and uniforms from judges, lawyers, police, swat and even the army.

Using this as my starting point I built on them with my own views and feelings. Not only did I research those on the right side of the law I also researched on criminals, prisoners, asylums, straightjackets and muzzles as they were a true representation of how much I was restricted and to keep my mouth closed, I could never say what I really wanted to or express how I truly felt.

My depictions of the last 4 years are showcased in my collection, I have been able to create a high end fashionable collection that will make any man feel strong, powerful, successful and able to overcome any obstacle.

If you would like to shop any of this collection that's unavailable on our website, get in touch with us by clicking HERE. Please state "My Sentence" in the request form.

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